Are you an Event Marketer or simply marketing an event?

And what's the difference?

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Is there a difference between Event Marketing and marketing an event? Well, for starters, there’s an extra word in the second scenario, so gold star to you for spotting that difference. But, what if there was a much bigger difference we should be looking for?

If you are an Event Organizer, this may be pretty simple for you. However, if you are an Event Marketer at a company and you happen to be in charge of marketing your company’s products and services at events, it may not be so clear. So, before we assume everyone is on the same page, let’s look at one key difference between event marketing and marketing events.


Is your product the event?

Let’s say you work for the beloved but bygone Cat Fancy media company. Every year, your company holds a conference for cat lovers - CatCon. It’s a cross between a convention, conference and celebration of all things cats and those who love them. Your team works hard all year promoting, marketing and making sure all the logistics are in order for an amazing event. Your goal is to sell out and see 20,000 excited attendees pounce through the doors on the first day. Your event is the product.

CatCon is your product and culmination of all your work throughout the year. When it’s over you count the ticket sales and determine if you hit your attendee revenue goal or not. Hopefully your team just organized and marketed the heck out of an amazing cat conference. Gold Star! 🌟


If you’re an Event Marketer, the event is not your product.

On the other hand, let’s say you are on the marketing team at Caturday Treats, a hip new catnip company. You and your team will be attending CatCon as a sponsor and hosting a catnip tasting event on the convention floor. You’re expecting 500 cat lovers and (and their cats!) to attend your event, try your catnip and love it so much they’ll tell their friends. This could be the the event that launches your company. You’re an Event Marketer and catnip is your product, not the event.


There's a big difference between the teams who run events and event marketing.

The bottom line is that CatCon needs both a marketing team to attract attendees and Event Marketers to buy sponsorships. Event Marketers need to have successful events to ensure that their product sales continue to grow year after year. They create momentum and build excitement around a product...through events like CatCon.

While we can have a bit of fun talking about cats (sorry if you are a cat lover), the scenarios above are real for so many marketing teams. Understanding the differences between marketing an event and being an Event Marketer is important for the success of the event.


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