Why Your Company Needs a Specialized Project Management Tool for Events

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As a marketing leader, you know better than anyone how quickly marketing priorities can change. That’s why you and your team probably leverage a project management solution to keep track of deadlines, calendars, and campaigns. 

While these types of platforms work wonders for digital marketers, content marketers, and even graphic designers, events are a whole different ballgame entirely. Many traditional marketing project management solutions (Asana, Basecamp, Wrike, Trello, etc.) were created by tech companies for internal use, and the workflows still show some vestiges of their original use. 

There is a big difference between simply attaching a print file to a project and shipping out booths, people, and collateral around the world. While most marketing functions can operate quite well with these tech-focused solutions that focus on online outcomes, busy event teams need a more focused, tangible solution to help them operate at their highest potential. 


Real World Logistics 

One reason event teams require custom project management is that they are dealing with so many more deadlines and dates than other marketing functions. Event marketers have to worry about event start and end dates, sponsorship deadlines, vendor shipping timelines, printing timelines, booth schedules, and more. 

While generic project management tools have basic deadline functionality, there isn’t anything remotely as detailed as what is necessary for event teams. Add in different locations, time zones, and travel schedules, and the confusion continues to grow. 

Without an event-specific project management solution in place to clearly manage all of the necessary timelines, budgets, and logistics, it’s easy for event marketers to miss a critical deadline—and create a domino effect from there. The nitty-gritty detailed communication and documentation that is so critical for successful events just isn’t achievable with generic project management tools. 

At every step of the event marketing process—from pre-planning to during the actual event and even post-event recaps—an event-specific project management solution makes it easy for event marketers to keep all of their ducks in a row with minimal confusion. Venue details, reception responsibilities, vendor rental agreements, and even budget approval receipts are all housed in a single platform, making every event-related document easily accessible by key stakeholders. 

Event marketers can also leverage pre-made templates across multiple events to effectively eliminate any repetitive manual work. With event-specific solutions working for event teams, they can get more done where it counts instead of wasting time on mundane admin catch-ups.


All About ROI    

As with other marketing functions, event marketers thrive on tracking ROI. While other functions—such as digital marketing—can easily measure ROI by tracking real-world numbers, calculating ROI from events and field marketing can be a little more ambiguous. There are more one-on-one conversations, meetings, and handshakes that need to be taken into consideration–not just hard-and-fast numbers. 

With an event-specific project management tool, event marketers can easily monitor booth leads, conference meetings, attendee surveys, and even social media engagement to create a holistic picture of event ROI. This information can be automatically integrated into your CRM solution for realtime, actionable follow-up. With this complete look at ROI, event marketers can share these numbers with the rest of the team as well as executives to help move strategy and focus forward. 

For teams running 20, 50 or even 250 events a year, the complexity increases not only on the backend, but on the ROI tracking level as well. This type of marketing output requires a huge investment of time, resources, and capital to ensure events run smoothly and successfully. Instead of providing event marketers with insufficient tools or  (gasp!) Excel spreadsheets, marketing leaders can deliver proactive, efficient solutions that help maximize output, increase efficiency, and grow ROI.


Better Tools for Better Results

Event teams are constantly on the go and require solutions that go everywhere with them. This is why marketing leaders should look for event-specific platforms with mobile capabilities and even offline functionality.

After all, trying to load an Asana page in a hotel basement ballroom can take forever, and event teams need insight in realtime. Event-specific project management platforms take the explicit needs of event marketers to heart, and this is definitely apparent in the features and capabilities of some of today’s leading event project management solutions. From budget planning to mobile apps to email integrations, event project management platforms take the guesswork and logistical stress out of field marketing events. 

If your event marketing team is looking for a better, more focused way to manage events, EventGeek can deliver the solutions you’re looking for. Our event-specific project management platform is designed with the event marketer in mind, making it easier to measure and drive ROI.