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Strategize. Design. Build. Analyze.

From pitch to post, at every step in the Event Lifecycle, leading event agencies depend on EventGeek to streamline collaboration and open new streams of revenue. Expectations today are higher than ever. Why settle for merely functional? Clients know better. EventGeek offers agency partners a white label solution to deliver delight in client collaboration. 




Project Management for Events

Project Management for Events

Start and End Dates. Venues. Timezones. Loose-knit collaboration. This is not your typical project management. EventGeek is built from the ground up for one essential purpose: empowering event teams to be the most productive they can possibly be.

You won't find any compromises here. We've reengineered the DNA of project management for events. The result is beautiful and, more importantly, effective.


Plan & Track Event Budgets

Every event has a budget. But keeping track of all of those fees and invoices can be a real challenge. Venues, staffing, A/V and more. We get it. That's why EventGeek makes it easy to manage event budgets.

Just forward any receipt or invoice to [email protected] and we'll take care of the rest. No manual data entry. No searching for attachments.

Event Budget Planning
Event ROI Tracking

Event ROI

Salesforce CRM integration. Surveys. Social media. Robust, multi-channel event ROI reporting is just a few clicks away.

EventGeek enables event teams to plan, budget and track ROI all within one platform. The result is a seamless feedback loop that delivers faster and higher quality insights to your team.

Is your team ready for event ROI?



All-in-One Event Planning Software
for Your Entire Team


Project Management

Assign tasks to your team. Automatically
send reminders via email, calendar and mobile.
Don't let details slip through the cracks.

Budget Planning

Fwd: receipts and expenses – no data entry!
Planned v. actual expenses. Over-budget alerts.
Export to Excel. Sync with Salesforce/CRM.

ROI Tracking

Leads. Sales. Surveys. Social. Goals and more.
Sync with Salesforce. No more spreadsheets!
Identify top performing events and trends.

Event Templates

Boost productivity. Save hours. Import
your checklists. Share with the community.
Reset planning timelines for new events.

Mobile Apps

For onsite teams. Mobile alerts & notifications.
Event schedules, travel itineraries, tasks.
Offline sync. Weak signal? No Wifi? No problem.

Calendar Integration

Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, iCal.
Put events and deadlines on your colleague's
calendars. Travel plans. Mobile ready.

Travel Planning

Fwd: confirmation emails – no data entry!
Hotels, flights, car rental, restaurants.
Save hours with this flexible workflow.


Day of event. Timeline by hour and min.
Brand with your logo, font and colors.
Print PDF. Mobile. Beautiful & easy.

Inbox Magic

Fwd: invoices & travel emails - no data entry!
From any vendor or major travel provider.
Patent-pending AI machine learning.

File Sharing

Connect to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box,
Microsoft OneDrive. Control permissions.
All your attachments, organized by event.

Roles & Permissions

Sales Reps, Vendors, Speakers, Execs, VIPs.
Restrict access. Low / no email settings.
Built for "loose-knit" collaboration.


Feedback from your team. Timely & actionable.
One-click response. Mobile ready.
Compare events by score.

Maps & Timezones

Google Maps. Timezone support.
Worldwide collaboration and travel.
No more timezone confusion!

Address Book Integration

GMail, Outlook, Apple, Android.
Lookup any contact. Attach to event.
Convenient and secure.

Shipment Tracking

UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS. 300+
global carriers. Real-time alerts.
Never get caught by a late shipment again!

World Class Support

Trusted by the world's top event teams.
EventGeek powers 10,000+ events / year.
Our mission is your success. We love events!

Salesforce/CRM Sync

2-way integration. Send event data to CRM.
Identify top performing events and trends.
Budget-based metrics. Cost per Lead.

White Label

For Agency Partners. Delight your clients!
New revenue stream. Offload tech headaches.
Put your brand front and center.