Increase Qualified Lead Flow

Event marketing ROI. Powered by event intelligence and CRM.

EventGeek ROI reporting with CRM integration delivers deeper insight into your event marketing effectiveness. Identify top performing events and engagement trends.

Give hours back to your team with every event. Automate reporting on Budget-based metrics, like Cost per Lead. Our 2-way integrations will even send event data back to your CRM.

EventGeek CRM Integrations
Event ROI Benchmarks

Boost Opportunity Conversion

Drive results down the funnel with event intelligence.

EventGeek supports opportunity conversion tracking and attribution modeling for sophisticated CRM deployments.

Custom properties? Opportunity stages? No problem. Our flexible API delivers event ROI insight on your terms. 


Drive Strategy with Qualitative Insight

Empower your events strategy with Goals & Surveys.

EventGeek Goals & Surveys are simple but highly effective tools to focus and gather feedback from your team, in just one click.

Need more robust surveys? Our integrations with best-in-class tools have you covered.

Post-Event Survey Tools
Event Surveys


Fully Integrated with tools you already use. 

You can count on EventGeek to fit seamlessly into your marketing operations.