MarTech 2017 Checklist

Get this Unofficial Event Planning Checklist for MarTech 2017

Heading to MarTech next week? Get this free event planning checklist so you don't forget anything! Made exclusively for event marketers heading to MarTech 2017, this checklist includes everything you'll need to remember.

Sales Rep briefings? Don't just check them off. Sync with Salesforce, Outlook/Google Calendar, mobile app and more to ensure your marketing gets credit from driving new and renewal business from MarTech and other events.

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Coordinate your sales team. You can use EventGeek to sync with Salesforce / CRM, assign your sales reps to follow-up and book meetings with prospects and deploy email and social marketing strategies based on event timelines. 

Already planning for your next event? Use EventGeek to automate all the data entry for budget, travel and shipping tracking. Just send us any travel plans, receipt/invoice or shipment confirmation. We'll automatically add them to your event plan. Eliminate data entry.

Drive higher event ROI across your whole portfolio. Get started now with our free MarTech event planning template!