Alex Patriquin

Alex is an entrepreneur, marketer and IRL event geek. He sets the vision at EventGeek and does everything from talking to customers to making sure there's enough single origin coffee in the kitchen to write Ruby code... though the engineers would prefer he didn't.

His professional background is as a marketer and digital product manager. Prior to founding EventGeek, he worked as Director of Marketing at Versal, an edtech publishing platform, where his responsibilities increasingly included event planning.

Alex was an early member of the Performable team (acquired by HubSpot, 2011) and led marketing initiatives at Squarespace. He also founded Wattzy, an energy efficiency startup.

Throughout his career, Alex has focused on startups that prize beautiful design and innovative user experience. Alex has a BA in English Literature and American History from George Washington University, where he was a Hoagland Scholar, and a MBA from Cornell University.