Stop hiring event coordinators!

Instead of putting Band-Aids over holes in event logistics and management with another team member, having the right technology tools in place can actually fill these gaps all together. 

While event marketing may seem like a glamorous industry full of parties and VIP networking, any real event marketer can tell you that those ideas are a fantasy, and the truth is much less fun. Sometimes it seems as though event coordinators have a thousand balls in the air and they’re all expected to fall nicely into a perfectly choreographed evening or conference. As an event marketing professional, you are probably shaking your head, recognizing this predicament, wishing you had some help when it came to keeping organized and on top of looming deadlines.
Event coordinators have the 5th most stressful job in America, and the extremely high turnover rates in the industry speak for themselves. Unfortunately, it is our human nature to try to fill gaps in workflows with more manpower, which often leads to even more convoluted processes and confusion. Something has to change, however, to prevent total team burnout and rising stress levels.   
Any event coordinator working with a small to medium organization knows the feeling: you receive the same emails and requests from every single sales rep, vendor, presenter, and executive asking the same questions about timing, logistics, and budget. For the innovative event team, the key isn’t adding another FTE to the roster (a decision akin to having "too many cooks in the kitchen"), but looking at how technology tools can help. 

Better process. Less redundancy.


Save time, staff & energy with better tools

Instead of putting Band-Aids over holes in event logistics and management with another team member, having the right technology tools in place can actually fill these gaps all together. Stop the vicious cycle of hiring, training, and losing coordinators to burnout by relying instead on organization, communication, and automation. With technology-powered capabilities like smart event templates, reminder emails and data entry automation, event teams can operate on a higher, more productive level.  
Event managers know that generic one-size-fits-all solutions just won’t cut it when it comes to the day-to-day management and execution of events. From managing a budget to coordinating multiple travel schedules to working with vendors, the minute details of event planning is what separates an okay event from an incredibly executed operation.
When evaluating one-stop-shop platforms built exclusively for events, make sure you look for one that enables you and your team to:

  • Seamlessly communicate with sales reps, executives, finance teams, and other members of your marketing team
  • Visualize all of your event data and tasks in a single dashboard for a real-time look at status and team to-dos
  • Analyze the details of anticipated-versus-actual event budgets and expenses, and connect these numbers back to an ROI number
  • Track and manage lead capture and new contacts with a two-way integration into your CRM platform
  • Take everything to go in your pocket with real-time mobile app access that delivers all event details in the palm of your hand

Not only does relying on technology help internal processes run more smoothly, but it also frees up time to put more focus into the creative and engaging part of running events.

Stress less, innovate more


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Event teams can expect higher-quality events, whether that be in the form of trade show exhibits, sponsorships, corporate events or even executive meetings. With improved visibility into budgets, timelines and outcomes, your executive team will have a better idea of the time and effort put into building and executing event ideas. Event marketers can feel secure and assured that their work is no longer flying under the radar or hidden behind the scenes.
With the right technology in place, event marketers are more productive and happier with their positions. Goodbye burnout, and hello exceptional, streamlined event management.