Cisco Live! 2017 Competitive Intelligence

Your competitors will be at Cisco Live! 2017... Where else will they be?

See all of your competitors' events in 2017 and beyond.


Heading to Cisco Live! as an exhibitor or sponsor? So are your competitors. But where will they go next month? And for the next few years? 

Introducing EventGeek Intel

EventGeek Intel is the first and only source of realtime exhibitor and sponsor intelligence on virtually every b2b event worldwide. Powered by machine learning and multichannel monitoring at scale, EventGeek Intel enables marketing teams with unprecedented insight to drive higher event ROI.

  • Monitor competitors
  • Realtime alerts
  • Event discovery
  • Event scoring

EventGeek Intel's capabilities are customizable to your company's marketing goals and strategy. Whether account or competitor-focused, we will empower your team with an unprecedented view of b2b event marketing activity worldwide.

Event Portfolio Optimization

Optimize your event portfolio with event scoring. EventGeek Intel scores events based on your marketing goals and machine learning that evaluates over 70 influencer signals. Optionally, integrate Salesforce or your CRM to drive even more precise scoring and higher ROI.

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