The Geek's Guide to Experiential Marketing

An Essential Introduction to Art & Science of Live Events

Live happenings are THE premium channel for engaging customers and building community. Few mediated experiences can touch coming face-to-face with tens, hundreds or even thousands of prospective fans and customers in captivating, real-world settings like SXSW, CES or even your local street scene.

With today's ubiquitous mobile and social tech, experiential marketing will never be the same. Opportunities for marketers to make meaningful consumer and b2b connections abound.

In EventGeek's Guide to Experiential Marketing, you'll learn from some of the world's finest experiential marketers how to captivate a live audience, deliver compelling brand experiences and find measurable ROI.

This essential guide give you everything thing you need to know to tap into the energy and excitement of live events for your company.

Chapters include:

  1. What is Experiential Marketing?
  2. Street Scenes vs Organized Events
  3. Sponsoring & Exhibiting at Trade Shows & Conferences
  4. Hosting Experiences that Turn Guests into Fans
  5. The RIGHT Way To Do Social Media at Events
  6. Awesome Apps for Experiential Planning & Promotion 
  7. Pro Tips on Measuring Experiential Marketing ROI
Experiential marketing 101 ebook
Roberto Toledo
Great resource for the ins-and-outs of experiential. I learned a lot!
— Roberto Toledo,
Creative Associate,
e2x Interactive