Grow your event ROI

EventGeek helps companies realize the full potential of event & field marketing ROI.

Track leads, meetings & costs

Capture all your ROI inputs, from both sides of the cost-benefit equation.

Event ROI and CRM integration

Capture leads & sync to CRM

Instantly transcribe business cards, add notes and sync to CRM.


Book meetings & drive ROI

Skip scheduling conflicts and go right to ROI, with calendar and CRM integration built-in. Take a free trial of EventGeek's Meeting Scheduler.


What can you do with EventGeek?

Event Registration

Customize registration, publish landing pages and embed forms to capture attendees with enterprise requirements.

Event Calendars

Publish event calendars for contacts to find & register virtual events & webinars. Publish for internal team visibility too.

Event Request Forms

Enable sales teams to request marketing event or webinar support. Gather required info up-front.

Event Budgets

Break down budgets by plan vs. actual, category, territory, vendors and more. Give real-time, reliable reports to management.

Meetings Scheduler

Instantly book meetings for sales. Manage meeting room availability. Minimize no-shows with automated SMS text message reminders.

Calendar Integration

Put events and key dates on your team's Outlook or Google Calendar. Automate meeting scheduling and sync to CRM.

Event ROI Tracking

Know the true ROI of your events. Count every lead, meeting and expense. Optimize your event portfolio and strategy.

Lead Capture

Capture qualified leads from any source: business cards, badges, meetings and more. Instantly sync with CRM.

Salesforce CRM & More

Instantly send leads, meetings & campaigns to Salesforce, Marketo or another CRM system. Trigger sales email follow-up.