The Event ROI Worksheet

What's the ROI of your event? Download this free worksheet to find out now.

The Event ROI Worksheet works with any type of event or goal. You can use the worksheet to measure event ROI in terms of sales, leads, tickets, sponsorships, survey results, social media impact and more.



Event Planning vs. Project Management Comparison

Learn the difference between event planning and project management in this point-by-point comparison.

Event planning is complicated enough. When it comes time to pick your event marketing software, your choices should be easy. Do you want a generic tool... or one built specifically for events?



    The Conference Sponsorship Scorecard

    Should you sponsor that conference? Check this Scorecard to know for sure.

    Download the Sponsorship Scorecard, designed for industry conferences and trade shows. It will walk you through all of the important considerations for sponsoring any industry event. This proven framework will help you make the right decision for your limited marketing budget.



    Conference Sponsorship Tipsheet

    Learn how Heroku sponsors developer conferences and connects with technical attendees.

    Conference sponsorships and hosted events are a great way to engage developers and technical audiences, but leave behind the pushy sales & marketing pitch.

    Learn from Heroku's Head of Developer Marketing in this free PDF with her top tips for winning the hearts and minds of developers with events. 



    InVision Event Marketing Case Study

    Learn how InVision captivates sparks attendee imaginations with design-driven events.

    “Our audience care about aesthetics and every finite detail,” says InVision’s Event Marketing Manager. “They know that it’s the details that bring the brand to life.”